1250lb ENGINE STAND C FRAME  AF98-2031


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C-Frame, 1250lb (453kg) max. load, 4 wheels, Black Powder Coated Finish

Any engine mechanic whether it’s at home or at the workshop will know the dilemmas associated with working on an engine when it has been removed from its mounted position in the car.  This is where the Aeroflow Performance range of engine stands comes into its own. These engine stands are the key to keeping your engine at working level so you don't fatigue while putting the hours in to your pride and joy.  All engine stands feature a 360-degree rotational mounting plate. Allowing the engine to be rotated upside down without compromising the balance of the stand with a locking pin that prevents the motor from rotating further while working on it.  This mounting plate has adjustable universal mounting points allowing bolts to be put through and mounted to the rear of the engine making it suitable for most engines. This all-steel construction engine stand also sits on castor wheels allowing easy movement and is powered coated black for protection.